About Us

Privilege Motors Pte Ltd

Started in 2011 after being in the motor business for the last 15 years, we mapped our business directions and set several goals we hoped to achieve. With our rich experiences, we managed to get 2 banks on-board us within 6 months after our start up. Their strong financial backing allows us to expand vastly in 2012 and we had more than 100 vehicles for sale in our showroom. In 2013, we managed to pull through the loan curb largely because the banks and staff didn’t withdraw from us at the crucial period. It was them who stood us through the difficult times.

Privilege Leasing Pte Ltd

Vehicle sales didn’t pick up either even though we reduce the car prices. Consumers need a longer time to accept the new rules. Many lose hope in their car dreams and therefore, we set up Privilege Leasing Pte Ltd which switch consumers from committing a car into a term lease or rent as and when the times they need a car.

Privilege Capital Pte Ltd

Set up in the same year offering in house financing to hirers with flexible payment schedules for consumers. Meanwhile, we supply floor stock facilities to motor dealers/agents and also motor insurance from 3 major insurance company in Singapore.

Our Goals

We had tided through obstacles and the difficult times over the years and today, we are financially stronger than before. Our company grew from the one with limited resources into one who provide resources to the external. We are proud to be a direct agent of most of the banks in Singapore.

We will like to take this chance to thank the banks’ management who believe in us and provide strong support over the years. Our gratitude will be extended to our Privilege Team who sacrificed their time and constant efforts to achieve what we are today.  Our goal has been, and will always be to serve customers with integrity and continue to deliver quality vehicles in our 3 showrooms.